How To Make Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

The Game of Thrones Season 3 premiere is coming up this Easter, totally upstaging the Easter bunny and all his absurd marshmallow regalia. This calendar alignment can only mean one thing: we are like, MEANT to make dragon egg Easter eggs. “WHERE ARE MY DRAGUNZ??” you ask. -Incubating in my doooope easter basket this year.

I love Khaleesi, even though she developed a bit of a bossy ‘tude after stepping into her power in the 2nd season. I love her in the early first season where she was just a whisper of the boss biatch she would later become, even though she still cried during sex. She digs hot guys who aren’t afraid to wear eyeliner or toss her liquefied gold cookware onto rapey sibling bullies AND clearly abides by my main sartorial guiding philosophy: “Long-hair-don’t care.” There is fire in her bosoms and dragons in her basket!

Khaleesi’s had it hard this year- she’s a wayward princess trapped in a mythical wasteland, wobbling on the unforgiving stiletto that is life. It could be worse. She could be in LA, the land of calcified dreams- stuck with her friend-zoned Van Gogh lookalike as a widowed single mom raising a trio of meddlesome dragon babies sans fire insurance.

I didn’t read the books. Are Khaleesi and her lizards gonna charbroil Westeros? The dragons are totally gonna start puberty in the next season, aren’t they? Shit’s gonna get sooo angsty! Don’t spoil it for me! Wish I could punt my obsessive curiosity across the English Channel until the season finally begins, but I’ll just have to adopt some eunuch patience and acceptance and wait it out.


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8 Responses to How To Make Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

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  5. Bunche says:

    Beautifully executed!

    One tiny thing: Folks, the character’s name is Daenerys. “Khaleesi” is the title that denotes her royalty.

  6. Kealoha says:

    These Eggs are like so Bitchtasticaly Amazing.. ;D

  7. Icelmenanna says:

    Marvelous Post thanks for share

  8. Aelix says:

    Nothing happens for the next five or so seasons, then Dany gets the trots. And I say that as a book reader so consider yourself spoiled~

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