How to Effectively Use Giants

In Clash of Clans, the giants are healthier than the barbarians and therefore are a better choice to use. They will be able to perform filling the tank role faster and are less liable to splash attacks. They concentrate on targeting a defensive building and will help you get rid of enemies before they even notice your presence. So, how can you use giants effectively in Clash of Clans? There are some tactics you can apply.

How to Use Giants Effectively in Clash of Clans

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A few giants and several archers

Deploy a few giants near the defensive attack and you will have their attention distracted. Then quickly drop the archers near the attacking tower. You will be able to get rid of the entire enemy base and emerge victorious.

Giants with wall breakers and goblins

In this tactic, deploy the giants to act as a distraction. Follow these with the wall breakers just next to the wall columns and you will be able to breach them. So long as the defensive towers are concentrating on the Clash of Clans giants, the rather fragile wall breakers will succeed in their mission.

With the walls down, release the goblins who will buy time as the barbarians or archers destroy the defense towers. Use this tactic on a base that is well-prepared for attacks and has many resources. You will have a much better chance of emerging victorious with this tactic.

Many giants and few healers

Whether the base has many resources or not, this tactic will help you bring enemies down. Start off by deploying many giants, as many as the other army’s if possible. Once these are focus fired by the adjacent defensive building, release two healers and five tiles to be placed behind your giants. The healers will serve to heal the giants injured. Within a few moments the giants will be able to erase the enemy no matter how prepared they were. You may however end up with a few casualties.

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